Colorado must do a better job at educating our children and funding our schools. The “Negative Factor” along with TABOR, GALLAGHER, and Amendment 23 has been the demise of our public educational system. I will fight to pass a bill which supports funding education in a different way. Initiative 93 does that. Our superintendents have worked hard to find a reasonable solution that offsets some of the deficits districts have faced over the years. Beyond that, voters need to see the value behind this initiative. Other issues in education that need addressing are all-day, fully-funded kinder programs and affordable higher education programs for all high school graduates. Issues are at critical levels with teachers retiring but fewer and fewer student teachers coming into the field. Teacher pay is not competitive across the state, so college students are choosing other, more lucrative professions to go into. We must find ways to increase pay.



In Colorado, individuals and families are paying outrageous premiums for healthcare. Deductibles are so high that people are waiting to have their injuries and illnesses checked until they become severe, because they simply can’t afford regular and preventative care. Colorado must put a universal healthcare system in place. It is proven that in areas where universal healthcare is provided, the quality of care leads to satisfied patients who are paying less, living healthier, and taking care of their illnesses rather than waiting until severe problems arise. It is time to implement a universal healthcare system.